Persecution #2020

[Persecution] >> Elizabeth Montgomery They were exiled from their clan Made to leave the only home they ever knew They knew the curse would kill them if they didn t leave Isaac erased her memories to give her a better life SHE HAS TO COME BACK SHE IS THE CHOSEN ONE Only Cecily can defeat the hunters Isaac swore his heart to protect her Julian swore his life to protect her But in the end will it be IsaThey were exiled from their clan Made to leave the only home they ever knew They knew the curse would kill them if they didn t leave Isaac erased her memories to give her a better life SHE HAS TO COME BACK SHE IS THE CHOSEN ONE Only Cecily can defeat the hunters Isaac swore his heart to protect her Julian swore his life to protect her But in the end will it be Isaac and Julian that needs saving
Persecution They were exiled from their clan Made to leave the only home they ever knew They knew the curse would kill them if they didn t leave Isaac erased her memories to give her a better life SHE HAS TO COME

  • Title: Persecution
  • Author: Elizabeth Montgomery
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Persecution Author: Elizabeth Montgomery

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    About the Author

    Elizabeth Montgomery

    Elizabeth Montgomery was born in Williamsburg, Va and raised in Yorktown, Va Growing up in and around the historic triangle spurred her love for the unusual and paranormal She is a mom to four amazing kids, a wife to an extraordinary husband and a full time pediatric nurse When not writing, working or helping with homework you can find Elizabeth with her nose stuck in a book or hovering around her Keurig waiting for that next cup She is the author of the best selling Dyphillum Series, an Upper YA paranormal series, and her latest release Scarred that hit 1 Hot New Release on for her category A portion of all proceeds for Scarred are donated to an antibullying foundation.

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    • Mercedes Roth said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I ve already read this book because I was lucky enough to edit it yes, you can all hate meOkay, so this wonderful book is short fun.The main character, Cecily, is spunky, fun absolutely wonderful She s strong, brave definitely a great main character.Her counter part, Isaac, is sweet, caring sometimes funny He would do anything for Cecily, loves his family even his evil brother is just a great guy Totally crush worthy Isaac s older brother, Julian, is my definition of an amazing wet dream, lol He [...]

    • Erica said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I was lucky enough to be able to read Persecution All I can say is WOW What a debut for E Montgomery This was a short, fun, action packed, intriguing read From start to finish I just could not put it down yea it was short, but you know how you always have distractions no matter what Nope I wasn t having it I put everyone and everything on the back burner until I finished reading I just could not get enough of Isaac and Julian I want to say so much , but if I do that then that ll make for spoiler [...]

    • Steph said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      2.5 3 starsPro originality factor dyphillum 1 2 vamp, 1 2 witch Con terrible editing job missing spaces, tense issues, rushed story relationshipsI m considering it a serial versus series because it was so short and open ended Parts had a YA feel, but there is sex and drinking, so I m guessing that wasn t the author s intention Sad Interesting concept, poor execution, which surprised me after spotting mostly 4 5 star reviews.

    • Angela Cruz said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      This is paranormal romance short story The first book of E Montgomery s, you will not be disappointed Book one in the Dyphillum Series, and I can not wait to read the whole series I would recommend this to anyone whom loves paranormal I really enjoyed the way Cecily thought everything over in her head And I love the dedication the brothers had toward each other and Cecily Not to mention how much Issac loved Cecily, he loves her so much he was willing to have her forget him to keep her safe.This [...]

    • Casha Grimes said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      What can I say this book had me hooked from the very beginning I thought the story was very original and I enjoyed the action scenes Cecily was full of spunk and a bad ass once she got her memory back Isaac is very swoon worthy and a total sweet heart This book is defiantly worth the read and I cant wait until book 2.

    • Amanda Vinson said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      This was my first time reading E Montgomery I enjoyed Persecution although it did start out a little weird for me However, I m glad I kept reading Can t wait for part 2

    • Mary Bernsen said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I have to admit the cover is what drew me to this one Isn t it amazing After reading the synopsis, I was dead set on reading it It s a short story, part one to a series as I understand The premise is unique and fresh The narration style is definitely unique to the author and stays consistent throughout The romance between Cecily and Isaac is one that tugs at the heart strings lovers separated by hundreds of years, one remembering everything while having to watch the other recall nothing at all T [...]

    • Cathrina Constantine said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      The author, Elizabeth Montgomery has written an action packed, fast paced story that I thoroughly enjoyed The book begins 500 years ago and the reader is instantly in the thick of action with Cecily and Isaac The hybrid vampires, are on the run, being persecuted by the Elders At this point, we don t know why, and I m not going to tell you Then we find ourselves in present time and Cecily seems like a normal teenager, until she meets her past, Isaac.Ms Montgomery keeps us on our toes as we quickl [...]

    • Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~ said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      So let me just start by saying I love, love this book, everything about it the concept was awesome, I love witches, my second favourite is vamps, so a book about witch vampire hybrids called Dyphillums I m so in Elizabeth Montgomery weaves a story where you feel like you are right there, her characters are beautifully written Cecily was refreshing, she was not a damsel in distress, she seemed like the girl next door, Isaac was fun I love how he wanted to, no needed to protect Cecily I loved watc [...]

    • lovestoread said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Wow Such an awesome read Can you imagine having a feeling that you are missing somethinga piece of you is Ceci has been hidden from the Hunters for years Feeling like she s being watched followed, uncertain who she can talk to because she has nothing definite to report She encounters a man who really strikes her interest only to find he s the one who has been hiding her Mad You betcha The fireworks are amazing You have to read this book I am so anxious for the next

    • Books&Dreams said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      A Book Worms Review by Leigh Cecily can t remember her life before her tragic accident, and her parents are trying to convince her that she isn t normal and will never fit in with society So, she packs up her car and is heading to her best friend s house After seeing her gaslight come on, she makes a stop at a gas station that will change her life that she knows into nothing but a lie Isaac knows he shouldn t interfere with Cecily s life right now, but he can t seem to stop himself when he sees [...]

    • Crystal Melloh said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      The Dyphillium are a rare supernatural breed half vampire, half witch Isaac and Cecily are centuries old and because of an ancient document are forced from their home along with others of their kind As Cecily tries to lead the group to the safety of the forest, they are ambushed The others captured and Cecily left for dead Once Isaac finds Cecily he is forced to make a decision, keep her with him, or help hide her from the Elders Isaac decides hiding Cecily is the safest option so he wipes all o [...]

    • Crystal said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      This is a great new version of a sometime overdone paranormal story You ve not scene vamps like this There is at hand here and they wield powers unlike others you ve read about They have been cast out and without a choice fleed Isaac chose to protect Cecily the only way he knew to, yet it has been painful to him He s watched his love without approaching her time and again It s time now though and she will learn a truth that is hard to accept How does one facet he facts that their life isn t wha [...]

    • Andrew said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I wanted to like this book, and I m happy to say that I did.I wanted to love this book and I have to settle for liking it.Why For starters, I have high standards for love Like is pretty easy, but love is tough the book has to be free of typos and spelling punctuation errors Check Either not drop a cliffhanger on us or at least warn us up front that it s coming OR have conclusion to at least part of the story if it s going to leave the rest to a future work Check The dialog has to feel right be b [...]

    • Patrick Hodges said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Cecily is the last Dyphillum half vampire, half witch with the capability to breed, and as such, she is the hottest commodity there is Hunted by mysterious forces, she has only the handsome Isaac and his brother Julian to protect her, which up till now has consisted of Isaac wiping all memory of her past and her heritage from her brain in order to keep her safe That is, until now.Cecily no sooner gets her memory back when she is beset by the dark forces intent on taking her for their own nefario [...]

    • Casia Courtier said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review.Persecution is a paranormal romance for the New Adult audience It centers on the life of a young woman and her importance to a race of people The race are hybrids of witches and vampires They are powerful, fast, but don t feed on blood often They are known as the Dyphillum.The first thing I want to point out with this book is its length It is eighty six pages long With the writing style, it feels shorter than that I was gri [...]

    • Kelly Smith Reviews said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Vampire witch hybrids I ve read books about those, but.ever quite like Persecution The title is pretty much the plot Cecily has to escape persecution fromwhat That s what I want to mention first in this review You think you know who s hunting her, but there s a pretty big twist that even I didn t see coming Mrs Montgomery has a vivid imagination and great skill The characters are each fun Oddly enough, I found Cecily, the lead, to be the most flat out of all of them Issac is protective and kind, [...]

    • The Color of Ink said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      They were exiled from their clan and in order to escape a curse that would kill them they ran Realizing the danger Cecily would be in Isaac swore to keep her out of harm s way He erased her memories and moved her around to keep her safe Now she is in danger than before Her memories come back and she now not only has one, but two protectors as Julian also swore to keep her safe as well When the enemy closes in you will find out if Cecily really needs protecting.The characters and story started o [...]

    • Lisa said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Persecution is a little different from what I would normally read but I m so glad I did This is an awesome story that has everything you could possibly want fast paced plot, characters that come to life on the page, lots of action, romance and they all weave together seamlessly.There are few books that at the end, leave you screaming wanting , but this is one of them This is part of a series so don t expect a HEA at the end and I m ok with this because I want to read from this author and I want [...]

    • Michelle Lynn said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      This one was a take on the normal paranormal world that I haven t seen before Vampire witch hybrids that live forever As soon as they step outside the village, and out from under the protection of a powerful spell, they are no longer safe from those who s mission it is to kill them The hunters Exiled from that village, Cecily is now a prime target of the hunters The love of her life, Isaac must do the only thing he can to protect her But what is the cost Can you really live if all the memories y [...]

    • Shasta Mosley Swoon Worthy Books said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I was uncertain of what I was getting myself into when I started Persecution by Elizabeth Montgomery, but let me just say that I am so glad that I read this book It captured me from the beginning and would not turn me loose The book is a paranormal short read, but although it is a short read it makes you crave going on to the next book, because you have to know what happens next.There are things that Cecily thinks she knows about her life that are not true But when she is fed up with her parents [...]

    • Hooked On Books said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Cecily is a dyphillum half vampire and half witch, she has no memory since her car accident She has her car all packed up to leave town, when she stops at a service station and meets Isaac everything changes.This is a short and gripping book, I really enjoyed this unique supernatural read and I was drawn in right from the beginning I felt it was different from the usual vampire books I ve read and the characters were great It was action packed with never a dull moment making this a really exciti [...]

    • Jennifer Moody said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I received this book for my honest review from the author.You could not tell this was the authors first book because it was amazing Rather she had an awesome editor or the fact that herself came up with this story is unbelievable.The main character Cecily is weird corky, weird and down right amazing if you think about it Then there was her other half if you will Issac, who is a part of Cecily s past but she doesn t know that and he tries to help her remember who he is and who she is Then there i [...]

    • Yaritza said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Awesome Paranormal with a kick of Romance Really enjoyed the way this story started I was heart broken to see Isaac so sad since he had to protect Cecily while having to lose her at the same time It takes great courage to do what Isaac did to his soul mate I loved the action in this book I love it when the girl is the main character and gets to kick some bad guys butts As you read you go through so much emotion from love, hate, betrayal, defense, protection I could only imagine how hot Isaac rea [...]

    • Sarah Pepper said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I actually loved the fact that this book was such a short read dont get me wrong, I love deep, interacted reads, but I absolutely enjoyed this shortie just as much if not because of the lenght I love books but my schedule doesn t always allow me to curl up to a good book and read for an entire weekend It was my first to read by this author but not my last it had everything I was looking for in a book without being over the top or unbelievable love hate passion fighting betrayal mystery and of c [...]

    • Nicola said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I absolutely loved it I really loved the fact it was different to any other paranormal book I have read before, this book is totally unique This is only a short story but it had me captivated from the start It s very fast paced, not a dull moment Full of action and excitement The characters are great very likeable and interesting Isscac is one HOTT guy, he s very caring and protective Julian Is arrogant but likable, I found myself warming to him throughout [...]

    • Denette Herrera said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Bewitching TaleCecily and Isaac are two of many Delphinium, a half witch and half vampire clan, banished from their home only to be ambushed while fleeing Forced to protect Cecily, Isaac erases her memory and implants a whole new false life without him or their clan Hiding from her as well, only ever watching to keep her safe When she is found and gets her full memory back, Isaac and his older brother Julian try to protect her from the evil hunting her.This high speed paranormal short is crammed [...]

    • Kristin said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Cecily and Isaac were exiled from their clan Isaac erases Cecily s memories to give her a better life and a chance to survice those hunting her becuase only Cecily can defeat them Isaac swore his heart to protect her and his brother, Julian, also swore his life to protect Cecily.The pace of the story is really fast, for me almost too fast The love between Cecily and Isaac is almost not believeable, there isn t much of scene description and left to the readers imagination This isn t a bad thing t [...]

    • Arlene Mullen said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      First I just have to say I loved this book Cecily is so awesome.The story moved at a good pace and made sure to keep you interesting I picked up the book and couldn t put it down until the end I was sad when it was over and excited for the next book So Isaac erased Cecily memories so that she would be safe from whoever is trying to hurt her She finally gets her memories back after Isaac takes her to safety but its hard to forgive and forget after 500 years of lies Then in comes Julian with a not [...]

    • R&R Book Place said:
      Jul 12, 2020 - 20:09 PM

      Quick fun read I got this book in exchange for an honest review.I don t like to be a spoiler, so here goesIt is unique on its own, the characters are different, being half witch half vampire Not many stories like it As I said it is a quick read, I didn t put it down once I picked it up It definitely kept my interest A lot was going on, so it didn t get boring It did lack detail about the characters and the environment, I really would have liked to know about what Isaac looked like He sounded yu [...]

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