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  • Title: An Absence of Natural Light
  • Author: F.G. Cottam
  • ISBN: 9781448215782
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • An Absence of Natural Light Author: F.G. Cottam

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      379 F.G. Cottam
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      Posted by:F.G. Cottam
      Published :2020-04-04T04:11:53+00:00

    About the Author

    F.G. Cottam

    Reading is a cheap and totally effective way of being transported to another world The same is true of writing Mundane concerns only afflict your characters if you decide you want them to.University was where I first thought seriously about fiction hearing about Hemingway s iceberg theory and Eliot s objective correlative and having the luxury of time to ponder on the mechanics of the novel My first writing was journalism and pieces for I D, Arena and The Face brought me to the attention of mainstream magazine publishers In the 90 s I edited FHM when it still majored on sport and fashion rather than Hollyoaks starlets and weather girls Then I launch edited the UK edition of Men s Health magazine and then came to the conclusion that if I didn t try to write some fiction it was never going to happen.I read all kinds of fiction, but write stories with a paranormal element I think really because history fascinates me and ghosts allow the past to resonate shockingly, scarily and I hope convincingly, into the present I got off to an encouraging start but have suffered a few disappointments since then I wouldn t in honesty want to do anything else, though If I write a terrible novel it s my fault entirely If I write a good novel, it s entirely my achievement.

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    • Helen said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      This was okay, but just not fleshed out enough to keep my attention also maybe I was put off by the protagonist being an ex professional footballer, a breed of human I just don t care for, fictional or not Some creepy moments and hints of something bigger lurking in the background, in the form of the sinister and cultish Jericho Society.

    • Leah Polcar said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      4.65Very tight little story about an ex footballer who falls for a realtor who sells him a house that is haunted Then some ghostly stuff happens and there is a mystery and so on Cottam, as usual, does a splendid job in creating an interesting plot and his writing remains excellent My biggest complaint aboutAn Absence of Natural Light though this is not the reason for a less than 5 star review per se is that it should have been a novel There was so much here that Cottam could have explored and dr [...]

    • Martin Belcher said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      A wonderfully wicked, spine tingling novella of modern supernatural horror Tom Harper is a famous celebrity footballer who decides to buy a new flat in an old converted tenement block Very soon, night after night, strange noises come from the basement, perfume smells and strange drawings on his laptop Research leads to a previous occupant with links to the occult who took her own life Tom s friend Rebecca helps Tom but finds she is mysteriously linked to the supernatural events which could claim [...]

    • John Wiltshire said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      Trademark Cottam This isn t a long book, a novella, but it s managed to pack in a great deal As usual, I fell for Cottam s characters within a few lines I have to laugh, but I actually read up a little on the author recently I wondered why he continually manages to write such great male characters something which is incredibly rare in these increasingly feminised days Cottam used to work for some of the best men s mags in London Men s Fitness, for one It comes over His men are real strong, capa [...]

    • Jan said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      This was a fantastic tale I cannot recommend it highly enough F G Cottam is in my opinion the best of contemporary writers of supernatural horror fiction This particular novel was tightly constructed, fast paced and atmospheric do not read when you re Home Alone The supernatural elements are quite creatively introduced They are subtle, but add up To those of us who ve read other Cottam novels, the signs and clues are reminiscent of previous chills but can be appreciated by new readers quite as m [...]

    • Barbara said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      I ve never read an F.G Cottam book that didn t blow me away with atmosphere and characterization Very enjoyable afternoon with this creepy tale

    • Vick said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      I loved the book However, transitions between scenes were almost indistinguishable.

    • Mike said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      Not one of FGC s best but still worth an hour of your time.The hero is slightly too goody goody and the Jericho Society s appearance feels slightly gratuitous but the story is compelling and the sense of time and place is spot on This would make an excellent Twilight Zone style episode.I ve read a fair number of his books now and would observe that Mr Cottam has carved himself a niche in creating believable, desirable vamps I suspect he and I may have had similar formative experiences when it co [...]

    • Lesley Henry said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      I just cannot get enough of Cottam s work I enjoyed the story thoroughly, I just truly wish that it had been written as a novel rather than as a novella Please don t get me wrong, it is a great story but there was room for depth and exploration of the haunting That is why I still rate it as a 5 star, I just think it was a wasted opportunity to have been something , although it is still a good novella.

    • Rachael said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      A sweet little story with ghostly elements.I d have loved for this to have been a longer story or novel that focuses on Rachel who was such an interesting character I d have really liked to have learned about her past employment and involvement with the Jericho society.F G Cottam writes great novels, but this is the first short story I ve read from him and I d be interested in reading of them.

    • Stacey said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      A fun and romantic ghost storyThis was a clever and romantic ghost novella by one of my favorite horror writers, F G Cottam Real estate agent Rebecca shows handsome and retired footballer soccer star Tom Harper an apartment in London with a sketchy past Rebecca and Tom immediately find themselves attracted to each other, but it turns out there is someone else in the flat who also wants Tom This is very well written and very enjoyable.

    • Helen Carolan said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      another eerie one from mr Cottamt around the Jericho society which featured in some of his previous books Rebecca an estate seems to be a dead ringer for Rachel Gaunt who was raised in the jericho society and killed herself to prove she could come backn rebecca and her new love tom defeat her dark force.

    • PaulElias said:
      Jul 05, 2020 - 04:11 AM

      Boring , and the kindle story is so poorly edited , that I found it annoying to read I know it is a short story ,so your not going to get an in depth read ,but It just didn t hold my attention , and I found my mind wandering from the storyline.

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